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Here we are with another edition of our AFRO HOT OR AFRO…NOT! Find out what we thought about 3 of our favs outfits…

Sharon Ooja – AFRO… NOT HOT! I always love what Sharon wears but unfortunately this is not it. I totally understand what they were trying to execute here and I think it would have been so much better if they had found actual sheer material for this rather than an actual party dress. I mean Sharon wore this well but the lil party dress gets to me.

Swank Jerry – NOT! Urgh, swanky is another person i adore and this look is complicated because I like it but I think I dislike it more than I like it. its too much camo, its low-key blinding and the different prints of camo gives me headache. 

Stephanie Coker – I’m actually upset but its a NO from me. I usually like Stephanie’s style. She is one of my favs but this top just didn’t do it for me. It has too much going on and the touch if yellow is just dull against that cute tote. Maybe if the yellow drapes were diminished, I could totally dig it.



Lawd Kesh, what is you doing? The socks and them pink trainers just aint working out. You know how females love to say pink is a very sexy colour on men well I’m convinced it has to be a particular shade of pink for each guy not all guys can rock various shades of pink.

We’re not feeling the shorts either. The outfit looks like he was in a rush and decided to through something, anything on.

verdict: Afro So Not Hot !


Jackie girl….. I love your movies but this look issa strong no! your colours are off and that gucci headband gotta go sweetie.

This playsuit was not made for the gucci headband, get you a tank top & some jeans and you’ll be good. The royal blue ysl purse (yassss but no with this fit) does not complement the colour of your outfit.

so yeah. you need a do over !